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Saturday, July 30th 2016

7:28 AM


HUGO A GO-GO found this great orange plastic curtain at the Sally Anne... it fits into our decor perfectly... (tacky)

Boudoir photos???



It is PRIDE week, and in honor of it, HUGO A GO-GO has donned a fabulous orange, palm tree print sarong to celebrate... and cope with the high temps and humidity here in the lower mainland... there is supposed to be some clouds and cooler weather over the weekend, so it should be great for the VANCOUVER PRIDE PARADE.  I made some changes to my costume so it will make it easier to maneuver during the parade that is taking place on Sunday.  Our costumes are more complex and cumbersome than anything we have ever worn before, so I wanted to make sure it will all work out for the parade.  We will be getting all decked out at our BFF Brent's place, as he lives in YALETOWN, near where we have to meet PLS (Positive Living Society)  We chose to march with them this year.  Every year we choose an organization we support, and PLS is where HUGO A GO-GO used to work.  They are a great group, and we are very pleased to walk with them in this years parade....


The Census people knocked on our door today, saying they never received our form (even though we filled it and sent it in over a month ago)  HUGO A GO-GO freaked out because I was literally BUCK NAKED when they knocked on our door... and he was only in his sexy, revealing orange sarong...LOL  I thew on a tank top (backwards) and answered the door... They asked the usual invasive questions... name, birth date, income... everything that was TOTALLY none of their business... we were in the middle of lunch when they banged on or door... and HUGO A GO-GO wasn't having it... but I stood their, half naked,  answering all the same questions we had already answered in the form we mailed in...talk about a total BUZZ KILL... not to mention they ruined a perfectly good lunch!    


So I figured out how to get my huge, inflatable flamingo costume to hang on me without having to hold on to the thing during the entire parade... without giving too much away, our costume have elements that I have not had to deal with in past years...  So it has been a challenge to figure out how to make the whole thing work, and not have to sacrifice any of our "accessories" in the process... I think I figured out how to wire the whole thing together... TONIGHT we are skipping the Davie Street Party... we had every intention of going but with all the stuff we had to get ready for the parade, we just weren't able to fit it in... Tonight we bought a box of wine... and getting ourselves prepped for Sunday's VANCOUVER PRIDE PARADE.  That's what you call "keepin' it classy"...lol CHEERS!      

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